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Electronic Horizons (30th Anniversary Remaster)


Electronic Horizons (30th Anniversary Remaster)

avant garde, electronic, tape music


Originally conceived and recorded in the Western Michigan University School of Music Electronic Music Lab from 1993-1995 under the mentorship of Ramon Zupko, this collection represents my earliest recorded electronic music. The lab was equipped with an extensive Moog Modular System, a New England Digital Synclavier, and (what were at the time cutting edge) samplers from Ensoniq (Mirage and EPS). Most tracking was to an 8-track reel-to-reel tape machine or ADAT (early digital tape), mixing down to stereo reel-to-reel tape. The masters were later transferred to DAT, then (many years later) to hard disk for this remastering project.

All sounds are original – recorded, programmed, or sampled.

1. Wanderer

  • Run time: 11:00
  • Ensoniq Mirage, Ensoniq VFX, Slinky

2. Voices

  • Run time: 12:44
  • New England Digital Synclavier, Ensoniq EPS, Ensoniq VFX, Moog Modular System, Found Sounds

3. On The Edge

  • Run time: 10:58
  • Ensoniq EPS, Ensoniq VFX, Alto Saxophone, Found Sounds

4. Blaming Things On Other People

  • Run time: 10:42
  • Ensoniq EPS, Found Sound (using only one sample source)
  • Originally recorded in octophonic sound

5. The Music Of Erich Zann

  • Run time: 14:18
  • Ensoniq EPS, Ensonig VFX, Electric Guitar, Garage Door, Found Sounds

6. Urbania

  • Run time: 13:44
  • Moog Modular System, Electric Guitar, Found Sounds