healing meditation five

key of g • personal truth & communication

healing meditation five

the healing meditation series:
7 albums in 7 keys for the 7 chakras


genre: ambient

the key of g resonates with the throat, or fifth, chakra, the energy center associated with the functions of the throat, mouth, thyroid and parathyroid. it is of primary importance in speaking our truth and opening to the creative functions of the mind. clairaudience and telepathy awaken when this center is stimulated.

this cd contains the following subliminal positive affirmations:

  • i use my voice to speak truth and spread love and harmony to the world.
  • i express my true divinity through positive communication.
  • i am in the activity of perfect health in body, heart, mind and soul

each cd in this series consists of one continuous meditative track
total playing time: 72 minutes