healing meditation four

key of f • divine love & compassion

healing meditation four

the healing meditation series:
7 albums in 7 keys for the 7 chakras


genre: ambient

the key of f resonates with the heart, or fourth, chakra, the energy center which radiates love, compassion and affection. it is our connection to divine love and healing energies. tied to the circulatory system, this center also influences the immune system.

this cd contains the following subliminal positive affirmations:

  • i am whole and complete with love radiating from my heart toward all.
  • i am a clear and pure channel of divine love and healing.
  • i am in the activity of perfect health in body, heart, mind and soul.

additional affirmations for a romantic soul mate:

  • i am in the activity of a romantic love relationship with my perfect soul compliment.
  • my soul's ideal is manifest to me in a loving romantic relationship.

each cd in this series consists of one continuous meditative track
total playing time: 72 minutes