healing meditation one

key of c • centering & grounding

healing meditation one

the healing meditation series:
7 albums in 7 keys for the 7 chakras


genre: ambient

the key of c resonates with the energy center commonly known as the base or root chakra, located in the area of the coccyx at the very bottom of the spine. this is our center of vital life energy and assists us in physical vitality and anchoring or grounding to the physical plane. this resonance is highly beneficial for the reproductive organs, the pelvic area and the lower extremities. also, by linking the tones of middle c and high c, a microcosmic circuit is activated, joining the governing meridian and the conception meridian together in an integrated freer flow, promoting a more centered, balanced state.

this cd contains the following subliminal positive affirmations:

  • i am 100% anchored and grounded to mother earth now.
  • i am whole and complete, centered in my higher self.
  • i am in the activity of perfect health in body, heart, mind and soul.

each cd in this series consists of one continuous meditative track
total playing time: 72 minutes