healing meditation seven

key of b • cosmic consciousness & transformation

healing meditation seven

the healing meditation series:
7 albums in 7 keys for the 7 chakras


genre: ambient

the key of b resonates with the crown, or seventh, chakra, the energy center associated with the attainment of self realization, or cosmic consciousness. tied to the pineal gland and the nervous system, this center also influences the skeletal system and the balance between the hemispheres of the brain.

this cd contains the following subliminal positive affirmations:

  • i am in the activity of expressing the divine essence of my soul.
  • i am a fully awakened being of divine love, in love with all beautiful forms of creation.
  • i am one with the light of the source of all that is.

each cd in this series consists of one continuous meditative track
total playing time: 72 minutes