healing meditation two

key of d • creativity & emotional balance

healing meditation two

the healing meditation series:
7 albums in 7 keys for the 7 chakras


genre: ambient

the key of d resonates with the second chakra, the sacral center, located in the area of the lower abdomen. this center influences the activities of the spleen, adrenals, kidneys and reproductive system, playing a major role in the detoxification of the body. it is also the energy center which most effects the muscular system. on another level this chakra effects the emotions and the consciousness of creativity, aiding in the activities of visualization and manifestation.

this cd contains the following subliminal positive affirmations:

  • i am now bringing forth ideas and accomplishments that are new and unique to the world.
  • i am emotionally centered and balanced in my higher self.
  • i am in the activity of perfect health in body, heart, mind and soul.

each cd in this series consists of one continuous meditative track
total playing time: 72 minutes