the journey continues...

genre: electronic

passages is a thematic and musical journey through transitions, both in space and in time, day and night, wind and water, life and death - we all sing this same song.

track listing

  1. half light
    in the half light, shadows grow, colors transform. another journey awaits.

  2. eventide
    the evening, a day, a life.

  3. whale fall
    a fallen whale, onto the abyssal zone of the ocean floor, creates a new ecosystem, never dies.

  4. station nine
    please mind the gap.

  5. windswept
    foreign voices, distant bells. wherever we are, the winds of life blow.

  6. kerguelen plateau
    another world, a submerged continent from another time.

  7. four minutes from nowhere
    so close, so far, coming, going. it’s difficult to say.

  8. ancient dawn
    having traversed the night, we reawaken, reborn, welcoming the dawn as we always have, from a time before time, a time before modern humans walked the earth.

  9. whale fall II
    on the death of a whale.

  10. shoreline
    we stand on the shore. have we just arrived, or are we about to depart? is there a difference?

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    we search for the answers
    we search for the (a) truth
    take shelter from the landslide
    hold on to our youth
    we all sing the same song
    we all must get by
    and yet when the day is done
    we all yearn to fly