traveling the sun (remastered)

remastered 2016

traveling the sun (remastered)

neo-classical experimental progressive art rock



free - traveling the sun bonus ep

traveling the sun bonus ep
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genre: progressive art rock

traveling the sun is my first album exploring some of my musical "roots" in 60's and 70's progressive rock, albeit with a twist or two.

with this album i started with a set ensemble of instruments that could actually be gathered together on a stage and played by real people. i've approached this more like chamber music - instead of picking instruments (sounds) for a particular piece, all the musicians are already standing on the stage (virtually) and i've had to find something for them to do on each song.

the ensemble: piano, organ, celesta, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, 2 violins, 2 celli, saxophone (special guest on track 4), tubular bells (special guest on track 12).

this is the newly remastered version of the original 2009 release.

track listing

  1. murder of crows
  2. slip away
  3. exaltation of larks
  4. crash of rhinos
  5. traveling the sun
  6. parliament of owls
  7. sometimes we fade
  8. siege of bitterns
  9. patterns in the snow
  10. route of wolves
  11. kaleidoscope
  12. memory of elephants

total playing time: 60:38

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    slip away

    if i could, i'd leave this town
    slip away, without a sound
    still my life turns round and round
    can't find my way to the common ground
    life is cold, and so unsure
    as we grow old, and bitter more
    so take my hand against winter's roar
    what the hell are we fighting for
    and you
    you look so fine
    beneath streetlight tonight
    if i could, i'd leave this town
    slip away, without a sound
    slip away
    slip away

    traveling the sun

    we are one
    traveling the sun
    searching for someone
    nowhere left to run
    in a dream
    nothing's what it seems
    silent picture scenes
    you know what i mean
    and i
    i fall down
    on the ground
    fall without a sound
    no one else around
    this destiny i've found
    we are one
    traveling the sun
    take it as it comes
    waiting for someone

    sometimes we fade

    when the lights are low
    and we've nowhere left to go
    we fade
    when we say hello
    and we're greeted by the cold
    we fade
    we fade
    when this life has run aground
    bereft of sight and sound
    we fade
    there's a ring around the moon
    there's a shadow in the room
    we fade

    patterns in the snow

    i don't know why we're here
    and i cannot say just what it is we fear
    search for the answers in a faded photograph
    maybe this time the dream will last
    i don't know why we're blind
    choosing a path that leaves our love behind
    a race for the cure for what cripples all mankind
    seeking to break those ties that bind
    i don't know how we stand
    up on this hill of righteousness and sand
    take it from one who's fallen down so many times
    yes it's a mountain we must climb
    once, when i was alone
    i saw patterns in the snow
    they held truths i did not know
    but now, there's darkness on the road
    there is this shadow in my soul
    and the truth is something i don't know
    i don't know what is real
    and i cannot say just how it is i feel
    some kind of dark and magnificent malaise
    the burden of all our yesterdays


    kaleidoscope in my mind, take me back to my home
    these streets are dark and i'm low on time
    i feel this chill to my bones
    you were young, but so was i
    we cast dreams in cloudless skies
    unaware of ebbing tides
    no one wants to close their eyes
    kaleidoscope, kaleidoscope
    show me where you are
    kaleidoscope, oh kaleidoscope
    let me be your shining star
    kaleidoscope in my mind, take me back to my soul
    this world is dark and i'm low on time
    no one wants to be alone
    no one wants to be alone
    i never meant to be alone