Love, I Guess

original motion picture soundtrack

Love, I Guess



genre: soundtrack

there’s a little club in a back alley of venice where six musicians often gather on thursday evenings to play. this soundtrack was recorded live in that club.

raffaello sanzio, acoustic guitar
sandro botticelli, electric bass
tiziano vecellio, piano
domenico ghirlandaio, cello
giovanni bellini, accordion
jacopo comin, drums

track listing

  1. the road to venice
  2. quiet reflections
  3. don’t hold back
  4. pachesque
  5. harmonics
  6. mio amore
  7. say what you want about me
  8. notturno
  9. tonight
  10. tomorrow’s yesterday, part 1
  11. tomorrow’s yesterday, part 2
  12. back home

total playing time:32:00