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Secrets of Santorini


Secrets of Santorini



genre: electronic

Soundtrack for the film by Chuck Bentley.

Musically, Secrets of Santorini takes its inspiration from late 90s/early 2000s European Progressive House with its mix of kick drum-driven beats, emphasis on rhythmic layers, and world instruments and vocal samples.

Track listing

  1. 1st Secret (120 bpm)
  2. 2nd Secret (110 bpm)
  3. 3rd Secret (112 bpm)
  4. 4th Secret (96 bpm)
  5. 5th Secret (80 bpm)
  6. 6th Secret (60 bpm)
  7. 7th Secret (100 bpm)
  8. 8th Secret (52 bpm)
  9. 9th Secret (130 bpm)
  10. 10th Secret (0 bpm)
  11. 11th Secret (104 bpm)
  12. 12th Secret (46 bpm)
  13. 13th Secret (116 bpm goodbye to sorrow)
  14. 14th Secret (114 bpm)
  15. 15th Secret (114 bpm)
  16. 16th Secret (0 bpm)

Guest vocal on Goodbye to Sorrow by Laura Kay Henderson

goodbye to sorrow

by your side
we run through the streets

alley ways
street lights
we must be discreet

we are incomplete

beneath the moon
you cover me
where our two souls meet

goodbye to sorrow
goodbye to sorrow

what's happening
inside of me
I can't feel this way

what's left of me
protecting me
I can't give away

the warm hand of fate

steals away
my clarity
my will to escape

goodbye to sorrow
goodbye to sorrow