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Songs from a Country House


Songs from a Country House


genre: post-classical

Songs from a Country House is the soundtrack for the film by Chuck Bentley: A Country Wedding. This post-classical music is scored primarily for piano and strings with additional electronics.

Track listing

  1. House Call (Gravitational Potential)
  2. House Arrival (Inflationary Scenario)
  3. House Song 1 (Baryon Acoustic Oscillation)
  4. House Song 2 (Dark Matter)
  5. House Arrest (Steradian)
  6. House Song 3 (Distance Modulus)
  7. House Song 4 (Neutralino)
  8. House Cleaning (Vacuum Energy Density)
  9. House Song 5 (Cosmological Constant)
  10. Lake House (Omega)
  11. Alone, in My Room (Steady State)
  12. House Song 6 (Escape Velocity)
  13. House Song 7 (Time Dilation)
  14. Alone, Behind the Stairs (Zero Point Energy)
  15. House Song 8 (Redshift)
  16. Drive (remix 2019)

Total playing time: 55:00

the ambient country house cover
companion ep

The Ambient Country House

More music written for the film, of a somewhat more ambient nature

Available exclusively on Bandcamp

Track listing

  1. Ambient Country House 1 (Ghost Piano)
  2. Ambient Country House 2 (Lamda)
  3. Ambient Country House 3 (Yesterday’s Voices)
  4. Ambient Country House 4 (Lost Strings)
  5. Ambient Country House 5 (Bowed Piano)
  6. Ambient Country House 6 (Satellite 80)

Total playing time: 37:00


there aren’t enough years
to turn back the tears we cried
so goodbye my friends
god only knows we tried

I can’t now recall
the last time I saw the sky
who am I now
wrapped up inside this disguise

it’s not me
it’s just the car that I drive
it’s not free
it’s just a way to survive
can’t you see
that I’m burning inside
it’s not me
it’s just the life that I drive

it’s not me