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Wrong Place, Wrong Time


Wrong Place, Wrong Time
ambient electronica


genre: ambient electronica

Wrong Place, Wrong Time is the soundtrack for the film by Chuck Bentley. The music consists of three multi-movement suites followed by a star-filled dream and a drive.

Aside from the prominent piano throughout, most of the sounds are from the venerable Prophet 5 synthesizer, although the Yamaha CS-80 does make a guest appearance now and then.

Track listing

  1. Wrong Place, part 1
  2. Wrong Place, part 2
  3. Wrong Place, part 3
  4. Wrong Place, part 4
  5. Wrong Place, part 5
  6. Wrong Place, part 6
  7. Wrong Time, part 1
  8. Wrong Time, part 2
  9. Wrong Time, part 3
  10. Wrong Time, part 4
  11. Things Remembered, part 1
  12. Things Remembered, part 2
  13. Things Remembered, part 3
  14. Things Remembered, part 4
  15. Starlight
  16. Drive

Total playing time: 60:00


there aren’t enough years
to turn back the tears we cried
so goodbye my friends
god only knows we tried

I can’t now recall
the last time I saw the sky
who am I now
wrapped up inside this disguise

it’s not me
it’s just the car that I drive
it’s not free
it’s just a way to survive
can’t you see
that I’m burning inside
it’s not me
it’s just the life that I drive

it’s not me