artist statement

Music has always been a central part of my life. from writing, to performing, to recording - in all it's forms and aspects - music is the purest expression of all that which is beyond our ability to put into words. The following quote from sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan expresses how I feel about music and the place it holds for me in my life.

What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music: our mind and our body, the nature in which we live, the nature that has made us, all that is beneath and around us, it is all music. We are close to all this music, and live and move and have our being in music. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan



randon mylesRandon Myles Chisnell is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician. His music blends lush, surreal landscapes and classical harmonies with subtle rhythmic undercurrents. His eclectic style draws upon a variety of influences including classical, jazz, progressive art rock, and electronic music. His music has been used in many multimedia environments including several commissions for dance, independent film and the stage.

He received his master's degree in Music Composition from Western Michigan University where he studied with Ramon Zupko and Curtis Curtis-Smith - including electronic music, counterpoint, orchestration, and recording studio engineering.